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Get the Most out of Life

Individuals enter counseling for a variety of reasons ranging from experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression to grief or relationship issues and anger management. Whatever your reason for wanting to pursue counseling, I would consider it a privilege to aid you in your journey toward wellness. 

Many times individuals enter counseling knowing that there is something not working for them, they often just do not know where to start. I will help you solidify your goals and take strides towards living a more authentic and fulfilling life. 

I utilize a variety of tools when working individually with a client to include solution focused options, emotionally focused therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), as well as other forms of trauma therapy. I will work with you to find the best fit as you work towards a more fulfilling future for yourself. 



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Guidance and Restoration

Whether communication patterns, parenting issues, conflict, or betrayal is the source of your concern, couples counseling can be a valuable part of the healing process. I have training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples which is attachment based and dips into the underlying patterns that often lead to relational disconnection. 

Many times a couple enters couples counseling without fully understanding how they find themselves where they do relationally. Other times couples feel as though they’ve grown apart over the years. By increasing emotional intimacy, we will work together to explore and understand how your relationship got to the point that it has and how to navigate finding your way back to one another. 

Marriage counseling and couples counseling can be an important part of restoring healthy patterns in your relationship. We will work together to uncover the source of your relational difficulties as we explore where you come from, where you find yourself and the vision you have for your future as a couple. I will provide tools and feedback to aid you in understanding the patterns that keep the two of you disconnected.



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Jumpstart your healing

Intensive couples counseling is an extended version of the more common 50 minute couples counseling option. An intensive couples counseling session is 3 hours in length and can be spent working towards whatever goal you and your partner hope to address. 

Often when circumstances have been difficult for an extended period of time, couples appreciate the option to come in for an extended session. Common uses of the intensive couples counseling session include a very thorough intake session for those feeling as though the typical 50 minute is not enough time for the issues they hope to tackle. The 3 hour option gives these couples a chance to jumpstart the treatment and healing process. Others common uses include using it as a time to sort through and process whether the couple really wants to commit to the couples counseling process and try to save the relationship or not. Intensive couples counseling sessions can also be used as part of the affair recovery process while others simply prefer this option as their schedule makes it difficult to come consistently to weekly sessions. 

Intensive couples counseling sessions can often be booked on Saturdays. If you are interested in this option please contact me directly either by telephone or email and I would be happy to provide you with options. 



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